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Notice to Patients Regarding the Destruction of Health Care Records:

Scott MacLeod, D.O., Ltd. (DBA Dermatherapy) shall retain the health care records of its patients as part of its regularly maintained records for 5 years after their receipt or production. Health care records may be retained in written form, or by microfilm or any other recognized form of size reduction, including, without limitation, microfiche, computer disc, magnetic tape and optical disc, which does not adversely affect their use for the purposes of NRS 629.061. Health care records may be created, authenticated and stored in a computer system which limits access to those records. Dermatherapy shall not destroy the health care records of a person who is less than 23 years of age on the date of the proposed destruction of the records. The health care records of a person who has attained the age of 23 years may be destroyed in accordance with the law for those records which have been retained for at least 5 years or for any longer period provided by federal law.

Scott MacLeod, D.O.
Custodian of Medical Records for Dermatherapy and its Physicians